Donation & Sponsorship Requests

Mirasol's Cafe supports various charitable organizations, including educational pursuits, community development, special needs, children’s activities, national fundraising campaigns, charitable golf tournaments and other fundraising initiatives.

We receive hundreds of donation and sponsorship requests each year. We are committed to supporting a variety of charities all across the SouthCoast region via cash donations, Mirasol's Cafe food and beverage, staffing at charitable events and Mirasol's Cafe Gift Cards, and like to help out wherever we can. Although we offer as much support as possible, not all requests can be fulfilled.

To send a donation or sponsorship request to Mirasol's Cafe, please complete the following form a minimum of 8 weeks prior to your event or deadline.

Donation requirements:

  • a valid email address (this is how we will contact you)
  • a (9 digit) Federal Tax ID number
  • a copy of your 501c3 IRS determination letter (PDF or JPG format)