Served in our insulated air pots for maximum heat retention, comes with sugars, light cream & 8oz cups

Coffee Selections:
Aurora Blend (Light Roast), Italian Roast (Dark Roast),
Decaffeinated Mid-Roast, Hazelnut, and French Vanilla
Pick-up Service

a refundable 15.00 deposit per air pot applies
Half-Pot of any coffee 9.00
serves 10-15 persons
Full-Pot of any coffee 16.00
serves18-24 persons
Drop-off Service

Minimum of 100 persons
We will set-up and decorate up to 3 coffee selections,
Supply 2 Service Members for 2-hours and CLEAN-UP
Within a 10 mile radius
4.50 per person + $50 service charge
additional staff members per every 50 guests 50.00